The reader_PasternakuoknaosenA reflection paper is a thoughtful, engaged, well-written exploration of a text or a key idea of the course. It may be written in any style as long as it demonstrates mastery of the material and reflects its depth and complexity. Students explore texts, compare ideas, make connections to contemporary issues, and share personal observations.

Select Student Papers

A Burlesque of What We Should Be    by Ana Vergara
Taoism for the Millenials    by Danielle Silva
Fill Your Bowl To the Brim and It Will Spill    by Whitney Simon
A Balancing Act    by Mariana Soto
It’s All Greek to Me    by Cae Emond
Imposing our Will    by Samantha Swarzendruber
Living in the Now     by Ana Vergara
Symphony of the Universe     by Danielle Silva
Self-cultivation or Self-deprecation? Aristotle vs. Chuang Tzu     by Anne Rigas
Mind Over Matter    by Lily Zappulla
On the Suffering of the Depressed    by Cae Emond
Self-Cultivation: To Strive Or Not To Strive?    by Samantha Swartzendruber

Tickets Are Free    by Colin Buckley

The Wonder of the Tao    by Colin Buckley
An Epicurean Guide to College Life   by Scarlet Yeung

Meaning of Life Profiles

At the beginning of the semester, students answer a few seemingly simple questions about their personal values, goals, and ideals. As we progress in the course, students are encouraged to revisit their initial answers in light of the texts we study. We identify texts which affirm, challenge or completely refute students’ initial ideas about life’s meaning and purpose. At the end of the semester, students submit revised, expanded profiles with additional questions and textual references.

The initial profile questions are:

1. What does happiness mean to you?
2. A truly fulfilling, beautiful life must include …
3. Do you agree with the idea that people are fully responsible for where they end up in life? Why or why not?
4. Where would you like to see yourself in about 10 years (comment on whatever is relevant to your self-image: relationships, personal accomplishments, social status, emotional state, profession, finances, geographical location, etc.)

MoL Profile, Jordan Simons
MoL Profile, Danielle Silva
MoL Profile, Lily Zappula
MoL Profile, Grace Wyszkowski
MoL Profile, Scarlet Yeung