Janus head last version pngVirtual reality has no boundaries. If one can become an ancient warrior or travel to another planet, why not make room for a quiet conversation with the great masters of the past — Aristotle, Lao Tzu, Buddha, or Marcus Aurelius?

Vixi: A Master’s Way does exactly that! (Watch one-minute Video of Gameplay.)

“Vixi” in Latin means “I have lived.”
In the game, you are captaining your ship through the sea of life trying to find the “Land of Meaning” where the great philosophers live. Your “navigation device” is a Wind Rose which shows you the direction in which your choices are taking you. As you travel, the sages from different philosophical schools offer their advice or warnings.

Your goal is to find a safe harbor but you may get tied up at a treacherous island instead or even lost at sea.  At the end of the game the Wind Rose will be your philosophical portrait, reflecting your affinities with diverse schools of thought.

Play Vixi!

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Game concept, narrative design, philosophical content: Evgenia Cherkasova
Game design and programming: Dmitry Zinoviev
Graphic design and images: Anna Chelnokova
Creative writing: Heather Albano
Content development and writing: Nicholas Raby, Alex Botts
Consulting (game development): Nina Huntemann
Consulting (digital humanities): Marie Marbæk-Johansen
Sponsor: Center for Teaching and Scholarly Excellence, Suffolk University